LEVEL 3 – Develop your Doctrine

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We present the course of Discipleship Level 3, as a contribution to the integral development of each of our members. This level of Discipleship has as objective to affirm the new believer’s faith by helping them with practical themes to establish Christian habits and disciplines in their life’s, motivating them to commit with God and their church.

This training material is dedicated to leadership and to the church that makes an effort every week to work in making disciples through the Word of God with the wish to contribute to the formation of the members of their Growth Groups (G-Group) and to strengthen the local church.


Those who graduate from this level will receive a certificate that enables to continue to the Level 4 of Discipleship, also will receive a certificate of membership from MCA Church.

It is required to apply these values on an integral way to your life, so it can affect positively in all the influence areas and establish what will keep you in the road of success, a scheme of core values that are needed to live.


  • Learn from the first until the tenth Doctrinal Base to sustain faith.
  • Knowledge and analysis of the Central Values that will give direction to all the other areas.
  • Lecture of the support book from the level that also has its qualification.
  • Activation of the church service, a heart that serves is a heart that love.
  • Special fundaments that will make you re-prioritize all your life.
  • This maturity obtained will give you stability when you have to make desitions.

Note: Note: The vast majority of biblical references are based on the New King James Version (NKJV) version, although other versions are also used such as the New Living Translation (NLT), New International Version (NIV), and Common English Bible (CEB) for enrich the teachings.

Priority is given to NKJV for the purpose of these studies.

Course Content

Lections of Level 3 - Develop Healthy Doctrine
Lecture of the book “Spiritual Authority” (Author Watchman Nee)
Service in an Area of ​​The Church that you like
Win Souls for Christ
Special Assignments and Research