Let me make it clear more info on Overseas Travel

Let me make it clear more info on Overseas Travel

Southern Korea – Degree 3: Reconsider Travel

Entry, Exit and Visa Demands

  • Passport legitimate at period of entry.
  • No visa needed for stays not as much as ninety days for business or tourism.
  • Visa needed for other purposes, including work, teaching English, as well as for remains longer than 3 months.

Surpassing your authorized stay or perhaps not possessing a visa that is valid end up in detention and fines.

  • In case of an overstay, make an application for a visa expansion through the Korea Immigration Service (KIS) before trying to go out of the united states. Additionally check with KIS changes that are regarding visa category.

Army Personnel/DOD and their own families on requests:

  • Consult DOD Foreign Clearance Guide, and follow all directions.
  • Enter Korea with DOD recognition and travel requests.
  • Try not to transit other nations such as for instance Asia without having a passport and appropriate visas.
  • Family Members/Dependents of Military Personnel/DOD on instructions must provide upon arrival passports legitimate for a minimum half a year and A sofa that is a-3 visa.

U.S. National Executive Branch workers on official company and DOD workers assigned to your U.S. Embassy (Including household members/dependents):

  • Enter Korea with a diplomatic or passport that is official a diplomatic or formal ROK visa obtained through your sponsoring agency.
  • Obtain nation clearance utilizing Department of State’s eCC system or DOD APACS system.

HIV/AIDS regulation: The Department of State is unacquainted with any such entry restrictions for site visitors or international residents in Korea.

Visit the Embassy of Korea web site for present visa information. Please read our Customs Ideas web web page.

Security and safety

Public Demonstrations: Demonstrations and rallies are typical in Southern Korea, specially close to the U.S. Embassy, Seoul City Hall, and areas surrounding army installments. You ought to avoid areas where demonstrations are using spot and do exercises care when you look at the vicinity of any big gatherings, protests, or rallies. Also demonstrations designed to be calm are able to turn confrontational and escalate into violence.

North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK): An armistice contract, supervised by the un, has maintained peace that is general the Korean peninsula since 1953. Tensions sporadically flare up because of provocative functions by North Korea, including missile that is ballistic nuclear tests and restricted armed incursions into ROK-held territory. Some provocations have actually escalated into geographically skirmishes that are limited. Southern Korea regularly conducts training that is military and civil protection drills. North Korea frequently issues strongly-worded and threatening communications, usually associated with these workouts. Please see our reality Sheet on North Korea.

Weather-related Activities: hefty rains and flooding might occur through the June – August monsoon period or the might – November typhoon period. See basic information on normal catastrophe preparedness during the U.S. Federal crisis Management Agency (FEMA) site.

Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP): to get safety communications by e-mail and also make it simpler to find you in a crisis, register in ACTION.

In the event that Embassy becomes alert to any particular and legitimate risk to the security and security of U.S. residents, we shall let you know through our web site, social networking, and email.

Crime: for some visitors, Southern Korea stays a rather country that is safe. Typical crimes happen with greater regularity in major towns, tourist web web sites, and crowded areas.

  • Take routine security precautions.
  • Look closely at your surroundings.
  • Report any issues to police that is local.

Violent criminal activity just isn’t typical; nonetheless, stay vigilant:

  • Workout care in crowded activity, nightlife, and shopping districts.
  • If traveling at night, consider traveling in teams.
  • Utilize legitimate taxis or general public transport just.

Victims of Crime: Call 112 for crisis assistance or even report a criminal activity to neighborhood authorities. We could:

  • Assist you in finding appropriate care that is medical
  • Help you in reporting a criminal activity to authorities;
  • Contact family relations or buddies in your stead;
  • Explain Korean judicial procedures in basic terms;
  • Offer a crisis loan for repatriation to your united states of america and/or limited support that is medical situations of destitution;
  • Support you in finding accommodations and trip plans into the united states of america;
  • Substitute a stolen or lost passport.

Sexual attack: In 2017-2018, the Embassy received a few reports of intimate attack from U.S. residents. Most instances included ladies assaulted by acquaintances after having a millionaire men looking for women drink socially. Specialized hospital devices and police are obtainable in South Korea to assist victims, but solutions in English and responsiveness into the criminal activity are not necessarily constant. As a whole, intercourse crimes aren’t punished as harshly in Southern Korea such as america plus the road to prosecution is a challenging one for victims.

Lost or Stolen Passports: If for example the passport is taken, register a written report in the police station that is nearest.

Do not purchase fake and goods that are pirated even though accessible. It really is against South law that is korean buy these goods and against U.S. legislation to create them to the united states of america. The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Division within the U.S. Department of Justice has more info.

Prevent fraud and scams: See Department of State and FBI web sites for more information.

Tourism: The tourism industry is normally managed and rules in regards to to recommendations and security inspections are frequently enforced. Dangerous areas/activities are identified with appropriate signage and expert staff is typically readily available in help of orderly tasks. In the case of an accident, appropriate hospital treatment is acquireable through the entire nation. Away from a significant metropolitan center, it might take more hours for very first responders and medical experts to support an individual and offer life-saving support. U.S. citizens ought to buy evacuation insurance that is medical. See our website to learn more about insurance agencies for international protection.

Regional Laws & Special Circumstances

Criminal Penalties: While in Korea, you might be susceptible to regional legislation. You may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned if you violate Korean laws. Remember that:

  • Immigration violations can cause arrest, fines, and deportation.
  • There is certainly small tolerance for unlawful medications.
  • In the event that you send unlawful medications to/ from Korea, you are prosecuted.
  • Commercial disputes can result in unlawful fees being filed under regional rules.

Remember that some crimes are prosecutable in the us, no matter neighborhood legislation. For examples, see our web site on crimes against minors abroad in addition to Department of Justice internet site.

Arrest Notification: If you will be arrested or detained, ask officials to alert the Embassy. See our website for more information.

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